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Talc for paint  

Our Talc grades like Delite/ JP Micro/ JIT 10/ JIT 20 & JT 10 are widely used in the paint industry, particularly in marine paints, protective coatings & decorative paints. It is beneficial in number of ways. It reinforces the paint film. It helps reduce the consumption of primary pigment. Not only this, durability and stain resistance of paint is improved. Due to its rust inhibitive properties & corrosion resistance, the finish lasts longer.

Its use in the paint industry for extruder pigment, reduce addition of tio2 sagging and cracking, good flattening Agent.


Wet scrub resistance

Our talc grades  improve the wet scrub resistance of decorative paints, in contrast to talcs containing chlorite (Mg-Al-Silicate), which is not hydrophobic.  

Mud Cracking Resistance

Our talc’s platy particles act as bridges between binder agglomerates and strengthen the paint film. The higher the aspect ratio and particle size of the talc, the better the mud cracking resistance.  


Our Talc gives a silky look to paints. Coarse, lamellar talc particles are very efficient matting agents in high PVC paints. Our fine talc with high surface area can be used to absorb excess binder and give a flattening effect to paints or coatings below critical PVC.  


Lamellar (high aspect ratio) of our grades help to disperse titanium dioxide (spacing effect) to improve hiding power and reduce formulation costs.  

Barrier Effect

The talc platelets reduce oxygen or water transmission, and protect the binder from UV radiation, thus improving the weather resistance of outdoor paints.


The same barrier effect reduces migration of corrosive agents through steel protective coatings. At the same time, the hydrophobic (unpolar) talc increases the adhesion of the coating film on the steel substrate, while the platelets improve the mechanical strength of the film.  

High Solids

Our double classified, de-dusted talcs with low surface area (low oil absorption) allow a higher filler loading in high solids coatings, resulting in lower VOC emission, lower formulation cost and improved performance at the same time !


The function of talc in coatings depends on its hydrophobicity (=purity) and platyness. Pure, lamellar talcs show the best overall performance. The flotated JT grade talcs are ideally suited for paints and coatings.

JT grade talcs confer a wide range of benefits to paints. For instance, in house paints, they are used as titanium dioxide extenders, reduce cracking and sagging, and enhance matting. In anti-corrosion primers, our talc rades improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. The choice between Delite/ JP Micro/ JIT 10/ JIT 20 & JT 10 depends on the specific functionality required.

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