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Talc for paper  

Our JT 300 & JAIKAR grade are profoundly used in the pulp, paper and board industry, as a pitch control agent and a runnability aid, a coating pigment in both rotogravure and offset, and a functional filler. In certain speciality papers, e.g. coloured papers, labels, JT 300 & JAIKAR special properties help to improve quality and productivity.

The paper industry is the largest consumer of JT300. It is used as a filler to give smoothness, porosity and opacity to paper in addition to reducing the cost. During the paper making process, the micro impurities can clog the paper machinery. JT 300 & JAIKAR being hydrophobic absorbs these micro droplets thus controlling their stickiness and avoiding clogging. High brightness of JT 300 & JAIKARleads to reduction in usage of expensive whitening agents and helps in controlling gloss of the coat. Additionally, JT 300 & JAIKAR reduces the friction on paper manufacturing machinery thus reducing wear.



  • fillers and coating pigments significantly improve quality in coated and printing process.
  • lower paper surface friction and strengthen resistance to breaks during reel changes, thereby significantly improving productivity at the printers.
  • The print benefits also allow the increased usage of high brightness pigments including calcium carbonate in coating formulations in paper mills operating under alkaline conditions.
  • They give low high shear viscosity, allowing higher solids and improved fiber coverage, especially important for catalogues

 Offset Coating

  • products improve the quality of the printed surface by overcoming ink scuff encountered with coated papers containing high levels of calcium carbonate.
  • JT 300 & JAIKARprovide a silky feel to the matt paper, thereby enhancing reader comfort and touch.
  • plant productivity, reducing specific energy demand and plant discharge.
  • significantly improves paper machine and printing press runnability while improving paper quality.
  • reduces stickies deposits in recycled paper production and keeps the process 'clean', resulting in superior paper quality.
  • enables the amount of chemicals to be reduced on paper machines, thus improving cost-effectiveness.
  • As natural, inert mineral, JT 300 & JAIKARgrades bring environment-friendly benefits to the paper process.

 Speciality Applications

  • effective extenders, improving TiO2 retention and performance.
  • As filler, they accelerate water drainage in the paper machine wet-end and impart good cross-sectional strength to paper.
  • JT 300 & JAIKARalso reduce the risk of white pitch
  • JT 300 & JAIKARoleophilic properties mean lower dye demand and improved colour intensity.
  • JT 300 & JAIKARsoftness imparts good folding properties to paper board, making the sheet less abrasive on cutters and other converting equipment. This is equally important for labels and self-copy paper.



The pure, soft JT 300 & JAIKAR reduce paper surface friction, thereby alleviating core burst and crepe wrinkle problems and improving runnability in the rotogravure printing process.



JT 300 & JAIKARcoating grades maximise ink transfer and reduce missing dots in gravure printing, resulting in improved image quality.


The lowered surface friction introduced by JT 300 & JAIKARreduces breaks during reel changes, which improves printing productivity.  

 Ink scuff resistance

In matt and silk offset paper grades, JT 300 & JAIKARproducts improve ink scuff resistance and ink gloss.  

 Print mottle reduction

JT 300 & JAIKARreduce the ink adsorption , which decreases print mottling and improves print opacity.

 Barrier effect

In barrier applications, pure, platy, hydrophobic JT 300 & JAIKARimproves barrier coating´s sealing effect by reducing water vapour transmission.  

 Pitch control


Hydrophobic JT 300 & JAIKARgrades, with high specific surface, permanently adsorb organic contaminants, which reduces the deposition of pitch in the pulp Process.


 Environmental benefits

By pitch reduction, JT 300 & JAIKAR helps to reduce the amount of process chemicals required, lowers the specific energy demand and facilitates recycled paper production.  

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