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Talc for plastic  

JAI TALC for Plastics

Our JT 20 & JT SP 20 are most successful grades for this application


Our talcs are used in polypropylene for automotive parts, household and white goods. They impart a variety of benefits to polypropylene depending on the specific application, for instance higher stiffness and improved dimensional stability. JT SP 20 /JT 20 talcs are also used for anti-blocking in polyethylene, as a nucleating agent in semi-crystalline polymers and as a reinforcing filler in food packaging. Jai Vardhman offers an unrivalled and innovative talc product line, comprising surface treated, ultra-fine grind and high aspect ratio grades. All JT grade fine milled products are available in compacted form for enhanced compounding throughput and dosing accurac



  • High aspect ratio Jai Talcs enable under-the-hood parts, e.g. heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, to perform over a wide temperature range.
  • For dashboards, pillar trim and consoles, JT SP 20/ JT 20 grades impart good dimensional stability, a mat surface and increased stiffness, enabling down-gauging.
  • Certain JT talc grades generate a superior impact-to-stiffness balance in bumpers and a low coefficient of thermal expansion for zero gap designs.

For weather-resistant exterior trim, Jai Vardhman recommends high purity, platy, ultra fine grades.


 Household appliances


JT talc reinforced polypropylene is an effective alternative for metal in jug kettles and for engineered thermo-plastics in toasters and irons.


 White goods


JT SP TALCs impart high temperature rigidity to white goods.

Because JT SP TALCs are chemically inert, the compounds remain stable in the presence of active detergents for washing machine, dishwasher and tumble-drier applications.  

 Food packaging


JT SP TALC improves stiffness, enabling down-gauging and weight reduction, thereby improving production output.


 Garden furniture


JT SP TALCs impart good rigidity to garden furniture


 Other polymer applications

  • Agricultural film
  • Industrial foils/films
  • LLDPE Antiblocking
  • Nucleation
  • Polyamides
  • Wood-plastic composites

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