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Talc For Rubber Industry  

Talc is the softest mineral on earth and does not wear metal components.

Our talc grades JAIMIN or JTM 300 are most accepted grades for rubber industry.

JAIMIN & JTM 300 talc grades are functional minerals used mainly as reinforcing fillers and processing aid in rubber applications. The above grades are made from microcrystalline ore which provides a larger specific surface area, resulting in better levels of reinforcement.

JTM 300 platelets create an internal lubricating effect between the elastomer chains. This helps to reduce compound viscosity, making the processing of moulded and extruded parts easier. JTM 300 also reduces nerve and heat generation.

JAIMIN lamellar particles create an impermeable barrier, substantially reducing air and liquid transmissions. JAIMIN also diminishes plasticizer evaporation, resulting in good thermal and weathering resistance, thereby extending service life.

Electrical insulator and flame retardancy aid

JTM 300 hydrophobic and electrically neutral platelets make it an ideal insulator for wires and cables. It also limits gas emission and oxygen diffusion, resulting in delayed combustion of fire resistant cables

Partitioning agent

JAIMIN can be used in powder form or with water, coating to inhibit unvulcanized rubber-to-rubber adhesion in tyre, manufactured rubber goods and cable insulation.


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